Lincoln Financial Group Launches Indexed Variable Annuity with Income Option and Simple Investing Choices

Lincoln Financial Group announced the launch of Lincoln Level Advantage indexed variable annuity, a retirement planning solution offering savers options for protection and growth opportunities, with the ability to take income in retirement when ready. Designed for investors approaching their retirement years and for those already in retirement, Lincoln Level Advantage helps clients protect their assets from some of the toughest challenges in today’s market, while enabling them to continue to build their savings.

A study released this month by Lincoln Financial finds many savers are concerned about portfolio protection, especially as they approach retirement. Significantly, 40% of investors claim that any loss will require them to adjust their savings plan and retirement goals. Additionally, more than one half of pre-retirees are very concerned about the ability of their money to grow enough to provide a lasting income stream in retirement.

“Lincoln Level Advantage rounds out our broad portfolio of retirement and income planning solutions – all built to provide today’s savers with protection and income for the rest of their life,” said Will Fuller, president of Annuity Solutions, Lincoln Financial Distributors and Lincoln Financial Network. “We designed a solution for those seeking the growth potential of equity market participation with added levels of protection against market losses that could disrupt their saving and retirement goals.”

According to LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute (SRI), registered indexed-linked annuity sales increased 25% in 2017. Researchers surmise the product’s ability to provide protection with upside potential is very attractive to investors in a high-volatility/low-income environment. LIMRA SRI expects sales to continue to grow throughout 2018.

Lincoln Level Advantage provides investors with three choices to help meet their individual retirement planning goals and investing styles:

Step 1: Choose your investment. Four indexed account options are available, including the S&P 500®, Russell 2000®, MSCI EAFE Index, and Lincoln’s Capital Strength Index.

Step 2: Choose your term. Investors may choose from three term options, including one-year, six-year, and a six-year annual lock option, after which time they may reinvest into another term;

Step 3: Choose your level of protection. Investors may decide how much protection from market loss they would like, with options for 10%, 20%, 30%, or 100% protection.

In addition, Lincoln Level Advantage is among the industry’s first indexed variable annuity solution to offer investors an exit strategy through i4LIFE® Indexed Advantage – Lincoln’s patented optional lifetime income rider available for an additional charge. i4LIFE® Indexed Advantage enables clients to turn their account value into a lifetime income stream, with opportunities for rising income over time and additional tax efficiencies.

Lincoln Financial is committed to helping people reach their investment goals today, and throughout their changing financial life. Lincoln Level Advantage grows Lincoln’s broad portfolio of retirement and income planning solutions to meet the needs of more savers.

Lincoln Level Advantage is an indexed variable annuity. Annuities are long-term investment products that offer tax-deferred growth, access to a lifetime income stream, and death benefit protection. To decide if Lincoln Level Advantage is right for your clients, consider that its value will fluctuate, it is subject to investment risk and possible loss of principal, and there are costs associated with the variable investment options such as product charges. All guarantees, including those for optional features, and all amounts invested into the indexed accounts are subject to the claims-paying ability of the issuer. Limitations and conditions apply.

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