When you’re trying to deliver a message to top producers, what media do you use? Direct mail? Print publications? The web? Social media? Live events? None of the above?

There is no lack of available tools to reach the producers you want to reach; however, the choices can be overwhelming. Let our experience help you plan your best approach. With more than 30 years of experience working in this market, Chuck Hirsch, CLU, understands the strengths and weaknesses of the available media.

In addition, we understand that this is not a “one size fits all” business. Your particular product and your particular marketing strategy have their unique communication needs. If we become part of your team, our experience and knowledge of the available media choices in the life and health business-to-business arena will help ensure that you’re making the right choices for you.

Even if you’re currently working with an advertising agency, we can help. The great majority of agencies' strengths lie in consumer-directed media. Often, they find business-to-business media to be much more challenging, and understandably so. To really understand a business like life and health insurance, one has to be in the business. There is simply no way that a general advertising agency has the talent or resources to be involved in your business enough to the degree they need to be in order to ensure that your marketing plan succeeds.

But we can help them help you! We ARE in the business, and have been since 1981. Chuck Hirsch has his CLU designation, and has held editorial, sales, publishing, and management roles at Life Insurance Selling magazine from 1981 through July of 2008. In addition, during the latter years of his tenure at Summit Business Media (LIS’s parent company) he was the group vice president responsible for other well-known industry information vehicles, such as National Underwriter Life and Health, Agent Media, Agent Sales Journal, Insurance Marketing, and Web sites related to these properties.