As a marketer, you understand the complexity involved with the development of a strategic marketing plan.

You understand the product and its nuances; you understand the sales expectations; you understand the profitability demands; and you understand that as the marketer, you’re the one with your neck on the line.

But do you understand the importance and value of integrating a strong communication effort from the very outset of your strategic planning?

Our experience shows that if you are like most life and health insurance marketers, the true answer to that question is, “No.”

Put Hirsch Communications Consulting on your strategic planning team and we can help ensure that your plan succeeds. We know how to build into your planning from the outset the unique steps you’ll need to take to ensure that the people you’re dependent upon to sell your product become aware of it, understand its strengths, get excited about it, view you as the “authority” who can help them make money by selling it, and actually follow through and sell for you.

In short, we can help ensure that your strategic marketing plan succeeds if you give us the opportunity to join your team.