In business-to-business media, many of the finer publications and Web sites not only accept articles written by people in the industry, they actually encourage such industry participation.

But that doesn’t mean that anything goes. The best publications have high standards of editorial content, which ensures that readers continue to turn to them for the kind of information they need to help them in their businesses.

So how do you initiate the discussion with magazine editors, and how do you get an editor to pay attention to you and your article ideas?

With more than 30 years of editorial experience with some of the industry’s leading publications, Chuck Hirsch, CLU, knows exactly what it takes. And we’re happy to work with you in getting your ideas published.

We can help with the following:

  • How to determine which publication makes the most sense for the article you have in mind.
  • How to get the editor’s attention to help ensure a receptive reaction to your ideas.
  • How to build credibility among the targeted readers who read your message in print.
  • Assistance in writing, so that your message is geared directly to the needs of the magazine in which you would like it to appear and to that publication’s typical reader.
  • Assistance in editing, so that the magazine editors will want to include your ideas in their publication.
  • Assistance in developing relationships with the key editors in the business so that they start turning to you when they need input in your areas of specialty.