Aartrijk Opens Registration for Brand Camp 2015: Interactive Insurance Marketing Conference, Booked for May 17-19 in St. Louis, MO

Insurance content-marketing firm Aartrijk opened registration for its Brand Camp 2015 event for insurance brand decision-makers, to be held May 17 to 19 in St. Louis, Missouri.

This conference is designed for insurance marketing leaders with carriers, agents and brokers, trade associations, and service providers. Registration is available via the event website: www.Aartrijk.com/BrandCamp2015.

Aartrijk invites insurance professionals who work in management or marketing to attend Brand Camp 2015 for an interactive, hands-on experience of learning and exchanging ideas.

At Brand Camp, subject matter experts provide the content foundation to spark conversation that engages participants, according to program chair Rick Morgan, senior vice president of Aartrijk. "We see constructive interaction and idea exchange on key issues, giving rise to shared discovery and learning," Mr. Morgan said. "The participation among attendees sets Brand Camp apart and makes the sessions both motivational and actionable."

The campsite for Brand Camp 2015 is the Magnolia Hotel St. Louis, which is on the National Register of Historic Places. The event will take place in the same location as the meetings of the Agents Council for Technology (ACT) and ACORD User Groups Information Exchange (AUGIE), which will begin after the conclusion of Brand Camp on Tuesday, May 19.

This is the fifth Brand Camp to be held since the late Aartrijk principal Maureen Wall Bentley conceived the event in 2008. At this event, insurance professionals uncover new marketing approaches and refresh their outlook on effective strategies and tactics.

Topics have included video, social networking, blogging, mobile applications, publicity, editorial, design, brand identity and logos, brand alignment, employee engagement, brand valuation, websites, trade advertising and demographics -- all from the perspective of how insurance firms can leverage them.

According to Mr. Morgan, "Brand Camp always features fresh conversations about the relationship of the business with the brand, the importance of strong design and content, brand messaging, and effective use of technologies.”

Attendees help determine each Brand Camp topic discussion. Please direct questions or content ideas to Rick Morgan at rick@Aartrijk.com or via the Aartrijk Google+ page at plus.google.com/+Aartrijk99.