New Book Explores the Masters of Insurance Sales And Shares their Most Effective Ideas

Standel Publishing of Irvine, California, has published Sales Lessons from the Masters by Ken Smith, director of health product sales at Assurity Life Insurance Company in Lincoln, Nebraska.

In this unique look at four of the most successful people ever to sell insurance, Smith focuses on the sales principles that drove the masterful achievements of Frank Bettger, W. Clement Stone, Ben Feldman, and Joe Gandolfo.  His chapters on these legendary salespeople provide a quick but inspirational overview of each of their lives, and then zeroes in on the practical sales principles that each practiced to achieve their tremendous success.

These principles are gathered from their writings and speeches, as well as from people who worked with them during their sales careers.   The principles are presented in a practical, straightforward manner so that the reader can actually adopt the principles that make sense for their own business.

Smith, an experienced insurance marketer himself with more than 35 years in the business, believes strongly that many of the most effective sales techniques of our industry’s master sales leaders are not being passed along to the new generation of insurance producers, and he has aimed this work at changing that.

“In an insurance world that seems to be growing more and more product-focused,” Smith said, “my intent is for this book to shine the spotlight on the people-focused sales principles that enable the producer to succeed.”

With a clear, concise, and engaging style, Smith illuminates the sales principles that were used and perfected by the master salespeople of this business.  “This book,” Smith said, “distills the success of these industry greats into the principles that I believe, when implemented, will actually make a real, positive difference in the lives of salespeople.”

In a world where many insurance carriers seem to be directing fewer resources toward training their sales teams like they used to, this book makes an important contribution to the overall industry sales effort.  Smith turns to the experience of these sales masters from the past to help educate the men and women who make up today’s sales force.

For additional information, contact author Ken Smith at 402-437-4409 or by e-mail at or contact Chuck Hirsch, president, Hirsch Communications Consulting, LLC, at 314-630-1387.