Lincoln Financial Group Launches Fixed Indexed Annuity to Help Boost Retirement Savings through Immediate 6% Bonus

To help quell client concerns over market volatility and its impact on retirement portfolios, Lincoln Financial Group has introduced Lincoln OptiBlend® Plus fixed indexed annuity. This new solution is designed to help clients jump start their retirement savings with an immediate account bonus of 6%, added to their account value at the time the annuity is purchased. An optional lifetime income rider, Lincoln Lifetime IncomeSM Edge, is also available with Lincoln OptiBlend® Plus and can be elected at issue or added on a contract anniversary for an additional cost.

“Lincoln OptiBlend® Plus builds on the success we’ve seen with our top-selling Lincoln OptiBlend 10 fixed indexed annuity, and provides customers with the opportunity to achieve higher income during retirement,” said Tad Fifer, head of Fixed Annuity Sales and RIA Sales & Strategy at Lincoln Financial Distributors. “We are committed to our fixed business – an area where Lincoln has seen significant growth -- and offering solutions that provide clients with even greater value through protected lifetime income.”

A recent study from Lincoln Financial Group shows that market volatility is a top concern for pre-retirees. In fact, 70% claim they can only afford to lose 10% or less of their savings before having to adjust their retirement plan or savings goals. And among those closest to retirement (less than 3 years away), 87% are concerned with protecting the wealth they have accumulated. LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute research shows fixed indexed annuities sales hit record levels in the second quarter of 2018. They offer protection for principal and investment growth potential, which is attractive to consumers in volatile market conditions. Expansion in the fixed indexed annuity market has contributed to Lincoln’s fixed annuity sales more than doubling, to nearly $900 million in the third quarter.

Lincoln OptiBlend® Plus is a flexible premium deferred annuity that offers the same fixed and indexed accounts as Lincoln OptiBlend 10, plus the added benefits of a premium bonus. The solution’s three index-linked interest crediting strategies offer the potential for earnings tied to the performance of an outside index, in addition to a fixed account option for accumulation. You cannot directly invest in any index. Past performance does not guarantee future results.

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