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Digin: The Digital Future of Insurance

Dig|In 2018 offers a glimpse of the insurance industry’s future, as well as presents the current state of disruption within the insurance market.

Dig|In 2018 covers the technologies, trends, business models, and case studies that are redefining the insurance business and creating new opportunities across property and casualty, life, and auto markets. The event agenda offers case studies, prototypes, demos, and talks from visionary leaders who have taken advantage of innovations to make digitization a reality.

Dig|In 2018 brings together all key stakeholders, from startups to industry pioneers to established leaders. The event offers the opportunity for dialogue and interaction that serves as a catalyst for the transformation of the entire insurance ecosystem. Event attendees, speakers, and sponsors include carriers, brokers, administrators, and claims and billing processors, as well as established and next-generation technology and solution providers.